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InEight Schedule: Schedulers and planners

Precision in Every Timeframe

InEight Schedule provides a robust CPM tool that adapts to the ever-evolving needs of your projects. Keep every level of the schedule accurate, coordinated, and linked to the master schedule. Unique features and AI tools foster collaboration, improve communication, and turn your scheduling function into a strategic asset for your business.

Collaborative Markup

Harness Team Expertise for Validated Plans

Gathering feedback on complex schedules has been prohibitively difficult at scale, but InEight Schedule makes it simple. With our collaborative markup tool, easily get comprehensive input from your field execution teams. InEight Schedule points out low-consensus areas, so you know where to focus discussion. With shared accountability and buy-in, you deliver better schedules.

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Unified schedules

Mandate Field Schedules that Link to Your CPM Plan

InEight Schedule offers a sophisticated solution for managing your project’s entire lifecycle at every level. With our integrated look-ahead planning tool, field teams derive their delivery milestones from your master schedule, so everyone stays in sync. Breach detection alerts you when you need to resolve discrepancies. Automatically update the master schedule with changes from the field, but only when you approve modifications.

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Streamlined Planning

Get Started Fast with Historical Baselines and Project Templates

Jumpstart your project planning with InEight Schedule. Import a completed project for a realistic baseline, or start with AI-enhanced templates. Either way, you’re drawing on your own library of data from as-built schedules. Use our practical AI tools to easily scale, or edit any aspect of your imported plan. Save time and create more realistic schedules.

Capital Construction Is Changing. Are You Keeping Pace?

You’re right: Typical construction scheduling practices struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry. It’s time for a new approach.


53% of capital construction projects are delivered late


Only 8.5% of infrastructure
projects deliver on time. 1


Design-build projects will represent 47% of all spending by 2026


Find out more about how a forward-thinking approach to scheduling helps your bottom line and solves your most vexing planning challenges.