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Highlighted Features

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

InEight Schedule has essentialized construction project management software, with a focus on accuracy, timeliness, collaboration, and visibility. Comprehensive CPM capabilities in a easy-to-learn interface mean you can capture the wisdom of your teams and the data from your past performance. Use your validated, cloud-based schedule to drive communication to internal and external audiences and keep everyone on track.

Collaborative Markup Tool

Building Accuracy Through Collaboration

InEight Schedule’s collaborative markup tool streamlines schedule validation by efficiently collecting and analyzing team feedback. This intuitive tool enhances accuracy and consensus, and makes a previously difficult aspect of scheduling simple and collaborative.


  • Simplifies expert input collection via custom email invitations.
  • Identifies low-consensus areas for targeted discussions.
  • Provides clear visualization for precise decision making.
  • Enables experts to contribute and revise input seamlessly.

Integrated Look-Ahead Planning

Aligning Field Schedules with Master Plan Goals

InEight Schedule’s integrated look-ahead planning streamlines project coordination, aligning field schedules with the master schedule. Planning is intuitive and accessible for all skill levels, and InEight Schedule automatically flags discrepancies and facilitates easy updates, for consistency across every project level.


  • Simplifies activity addition with clear visibility of CPM milestones.
  • Automatically alerts teams to discrepancies for timely resolution.
  • Ensures field and control team schedules are in sync.
  • Keeps schedulers in control of all updates to the master schedule.

Practical AI Tools

Transform Planning with Realistic Templates

InEight Schedule’s practical AI tools jumpstart your construction project planning. Drawing from your knowledge library of historical schedules, quickly create realistic, adaptable plans. AI tools speed up initial planning and incorporate best practices, while allowing early issue identification and easy what-if scenario modeling.


  • Quickly build realistic, adaptable schedules from a comprehensive knowledge library.
  • AI suggestions infuse strong scheduling practices and help customize projects.
  • Start with as-built for faster, more efficient planning.
  • Model project scenarios easily to support creative but accurate problem solving.

Intuitive Design

Quick-to-Learn Interface for Expanded Team Use

InEight Schedule combines power with user-friendly design, making it accessible to all team members regardless of their technical expertise. With a modern interface attuned to construction workflows, features like collaborative markup and digital whiteboards feel natural to use. Ease of use allows rapid onboarding, expands scheduling capabilities beyond specialists, and drives field adoption for alignment at every project stage.


  • Team members at every level easily learn and use the tool.
  • Puts CPM schedule creation in the hands of project managers and other non-specialists.
  • Reflects construction workflows, making advanced features intuitively accessible.
  • Simple tools keep all schedules in sync.

Always-On Cloud Access

Real-Time Updates for All Team Members and Stakeholders

InEight Schedule’s cloud-based platform offers real-time updates for complete project alignment. It surpasses traditional server-based solutions by providing instant, universal access to the latest project developments, enhancing collaboration and stakeholder visibility. Always-on accessibility is vital in dynamic construction environments.


  • Instantly reflects changes, keeping everyone aligned.
  • Accessibility from any location, even for non-licensed users.
  • Dynamically updates plans to eliminate discrepancies.
  • Extends project insights to external stakeholders, fostering trust.

Capital Construction Is Changing. Are You Keeping Pace?

You’re right: Typical construction scheduling practices struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry. It’s time for a new approach.


53% of capital construction projects are delivered late


Only 8.5% of infrastructure
projects deliver on time. 1


Design-build projects will represent 47% of all spending by 2026