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InEight Schedule: Project Managers

Schedule with Confidence

InEight Schedule empowers project managers to create accurate schedules quickly. Jump right into its user-friendly interface without training; start with AI-driven templates if you like. Validate your schedule with feedback from expert team members to increase both accuracy and buy-in. Build and maintain every level of your schedule in the same system for consistency and coordination. It’s your easiest, most powerful tool for reliable schedules that keep your projects on track.

Imports and AI Templates

Get Started Fast with an AI Boost

No need to build a schedule from scratch. With InEight Schedule, import a completed project or use AI-enhanced templates as a starting point. Both rely on your own library of data from as-built schedules, so you begin with a realistic plan. Easily scale or adjust with our practical AI tools.

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Collaborative Markup

Validate Your Plans with Team Expertise

Harness the expertise and experience of your field execution teams with the InEight Schedule collaborative markup tool. Easily provide all need context so your experts can give feedback on their scope of work. InEight Schedule highlights areas lacking consensus, so you know where to focus discussion. Shared accountability means better schedules and more buy-in.

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CPM and Field Schedules

One Scheduling Tool to Manage Every Level

Side schedules can ruin the most carefully constructed master schedule, but InEight Schedule gives you a single tool where every layer of the schedule lives. Field execution schedules are linked to your CPM schedule for better coordination. Our breach detection feature alerts you when schedules get out of alignment so you can act fast to keep the plan on track.

Capital Construction Is Changing. Are You Keeping Pace?

You’re right: Typical construction scheduling practices struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry. It’s time for a new approach.


53% of capital construction projects are delivered late


Only 8.5% of infrastructure
projects deliver on time. 1


Design-build projects will represent 47% of all spending by 2026


Find out more about how a forward-thinking approach to scheduling helps your bottom line and solves your most vexing planning challenges.