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InEight Schedule: Controllers

Unified Real-Time Project Insight Keeps You On Track

InEight Schedule streamlines project control for better business outcomes and cost efficiency. Real-time updates make it easy to keep stakeholders informed – critical with shared risk contracts. Its intuitive interface allows broader team involvement in scheduling, reducing reliance on specialized schedulers. With a range of unique features, InEight Schedule minimizes rework and drives more profitable project outcomes.

Intuitive and Accessible

Practical CPM Scheduling Across All Team Roles

InEight Schedule simplifies scheduling, enabling non-traditional schedulers like project managers to easily create accurate plans. Plus, its intuitive interface supports efficient field team involvement, linking all schedule levels to the master plan. With everyone on the same page, projects progress smoothly.

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Easy-to-Use Markup

Integrate Expert Feedback for Accurate Scheduling

The InEight Schedule markup tool enables precise, contextual feedback from team experts, enhancing schedule accuracy and accountability. It flags areas of low consensus that need further discussion, so schedulers can refine plans and address potential risks at early stages.

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stakeholder Visibility

Always-On Schedule Transparency for Shared-Risk Contracts

InEight Schedule supports modern contracting models by giving real-time insights to all stakeholders, including owners and funders. Because it’s cloud-based, everyone has access to the evolving schedule for transparency in project management. This capability is essential in shared-risk environments that rely on collaborative decision-making and constant communication.

Capital Construction Is Changing. Are You Keeping Pace?

You’re right: Typical construction scheduling practices struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry. It’s time for a new approach.


53% of capital construction projects are delivered late


Only 8.5% of infrastructure
projects deliver on time. 1


Design-build projects will represent 47% of all spending by 2026


Find out more about how a forward-thinking approach to scheduling helps your bottom line and solves your most vexing planning challenges.
Crystalizing Your Case for Change

Crystalizing Your Case for Change

Just as better construction project outcomes start with better project planning, smoother software buying processes start with a strong business case.