InEight Schedule

At Last, Schedule Precisely with Team Collaboration

With InEight Schedule, easily get feedback and validation for more accurate construction project schedules. Keep teams and stakeholders updated with the latest progress for informed decision-making. Effective collaboration and precise adjustments keep projects aligned and on time.

InEight Schedule

Give Your Stakeholders the Real-Time Updates They Crave

InEight Schedule’s cloud platform means stakeholders never need to wait for another update. Real-time access to the latest info ensures informed decision-making and keeps teams aligned, for capital construction projects that stay on track.

InEight Schedule

Say Goodbye to Side Schedules

With integrated look-ahead planning, InEight Schedule unites field and master schedules, so no one needs the side schedules that used to seem unavoidable. Now you can mandate coordination and accuracy, ensuring every level of your capital construction project schedule stays in sync.

InEight Schedule

Finally, A Scheduling Solution that Doesn’t Overpromise

A realistic project schedule should be a matter of course. With InEight Schedule, start with as-built data for an accurate staring point. Then validate and refine with team member input, and share your always up-to-date plans with stakeholders to build and maintain trust.

InEight Schedule

You Don’t Need Workarounds Anymore

You’ve been stuck with a bad choice: highly complex scheduling solutions limited to expert users, or general-purpose tools that don’t have built-in guardrails. InEight Schedule delivers robust CPM capabilities in an easy-to-use construction scheduling software. Say goodbye to the workarounds you thought were inevitable.

Feature Highlights

Essential Tools,
Exceptional Outcomes

Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t with InEight Schedule. Collaborative markup enhances team decision-making, integrated look-ahead planning aligns schedules, practical AI tools accelerate planning, and always-on cloud access ensures real-time updates for teams and stakeholders. Its intuitive design facilitates easy team adoption, streamlining project management.

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Plan Faster

InEight Schedule uses AI-enhanced templates for immediate project setup, and an intuitive interface allows scalable team collaboration. With real-time cloud updates, keep your planning agile and responsive to project demands.

Coordinate Everyone

Synchronize master and field schedules, keeping teams aligned. The platform’s ease of use means quick onboarding for field teams, promoting widespread adoption. Keep all stakeholders continuously informed, enhancing collaboration and project transparency.

See Everything

Transparent AI recommendations and data-driven what-if analyses ensure that every decision is informed and strategic. This visibility extends to all team levels, allowing for a clear, unified understanding of project progress and potential challenges.

Advanced Project Visualization

Simple Visuals for Complex Projects

Information only matters if it’s useful and accessible. With thoughtful project visualization tools, InEight Schedule transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights. Intuitive visual representations let teams engage easily with project decision-making. Interactive navigation through project timelines, resources, and progress ensures a deeper understanding and proactive management at every phase.

InEight Schedule product shot

Interactive Timeline Visualization

Interactive timelines in InEight Schedule offer a dynamic view of project schedules, highlighting key milestones and dependencies. Allow teams to quickly grasp project timelines, anticipate future needs, and adjust strategies accordingly.


Resource Allocation Maps

Visualize the distribution and utilization of resources across projects. Optimize resource allocation, prevent bottlenecks, and ensure efficient use of materials and manpower.

Progress Tracking Dashboards

Real-time updates visually represent task progress and project stages, keeping teams aligned and informed. These updates are crucial for responding swiftly to emerging challenges and ensuring consistent project tracking.

The Wisdom of
Your Whole Team

InEight Schedule taps into the experience and insights of your specialists and experts. Field experts easily review and comment on task duration, ensuring schedules are realistic and informed by on-site experience. Enhances accuracy by tapping into the full spectrum of team knowledge for comprehensive project planning.

Field Plans Synced
with Master Plans

Seamlessly synchronize field plans and master schedules with InEight. Connected plans facilitate real-time alignment; field teams create their plans in the context of milestones and project goals. By maintaining consistent schedules across all levels, InEight Schedule prevents discrepancies and streamlines project execution.

Capital Construction Is Changing. Are You Keeping Pace?

You’re right: Typical construction scheduling practices struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry. It’s time for a new approach.


53% of capital construction projects are delivered late


Only 8.5% of infrastructure
projects deliver on time. 1


Design-build projects will represent 47% of all spending by 2026


Find out more about how a forward-thinking approach to scheduling helps your bottom line and solves your most vexing planning challenges.
Crystalizing Your Case for Change

Crystalizing Your Case for Change

Just as better construction project outcomes start with better project planning, smoother software buying processes start with a strong business case.